Variety Staff

Frank Thring Jr.


Veteran actor Frank Thring Jr. died of cancer Dec. 29 in Melbourne, Australia. He was 68. Scion of a famous Aussie showbiz family, the actor had a public persona of flamboyance, wit and high-camp…

Bruce In Small Doses


While actors like Marlon Brando can make millions of bucks doing cameos or supporting roles in movies, Bruce Willis winds up losing money. Willis, who got an estimated $15 million for “Die Hard With…




Last week’s item about the search for a new “Funny Girl” awarded Barbra Streisand a Tony she never actually won. Carol Channing got it that year, 1964, for “Hello, Dolly!”…

Gunter Meisner


German character actor Gunter Meisner, best known in the U.S. as the evil Mr. Slugworth in “Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,” died of heart failure Dec. 5 in Berlin. He was 66. Fluent in four…

Rain Beneficiary


The rampant rainstorms in Hollywood have threatened to turn the town into a replica of the futuristic set of Universal’s logistically troubled Kevin Costner starrer “Waterworld.” But the cloudbursts…

Ye Olde High Concept


Who says Hollywood has no interest in the classics? Brian Daly, son of Warner Bros, topper Bob Daly, has sold a screenplay version of John Milton’s 17th-century epic poem “Paradise Lost” to WB-based…

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