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Sylva Koscina


Yugoslav-born actress Sylva Koscina, who starred in Italian and Hollywood films in the 1960s, died Dec. 26 in Rome after a long illness complicated by heart problems. She was 61. Koscina, born in…

Holiday Biz Dips


Receipts were down for Week 30 (Dec. 19-25), with Broadway’s Christmas stockings stuffed to the tune of $8,004,886, a 3.4% dip from the previous week. Attendance totaled 172,933, a 3.9% decline…

S. Mark Taper


Philanthropist and financier S. Mark Taper, who built thousands of homes for soldiers returning from World War II and later donated millions to the arts, died Dec. 15 at his home in Beverly Hills of…

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MPAA Ratings


R “Burial of the Rats” (Concorde Pictures); “for nudity, a scene of sex and horror violence/gore.” “Crumb” (Sony Pictures Classics); “for graphic sex-related cartoons and for language.” “The…

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