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Donald Joslyn


Donald Joslyn, Broadway company manager and house manager for Jujamcyn Theaters, died Jan. 1 in New York of acute liver failure. He was 50. Joslyn served as company manager on numerous Broadway…


David Garfield


Film editor David Garfield, son of actor John Garfield, died Nov. 24 of a heart attack. He was 51. A longtime member of IATSE local 776, Garfield worked on a number of films, including “Scorchers,”…

Andy Albin


Veteran actor Andy Albin, whose long career started on the vaudeville stage and led him to work with Hollywood legends such as Cary Grant and Alfred Hitchcock, died Dec. 27 after a long illness. He…

Rufina Nifontova


Rufina Nifontova, a Russian stage and screen actress and National Artist, died Nov. 28 of a heart attack in Moscow. She was 63. Born into a working-class family in a small village outside Moscow, she…

Louis Gaste


Louis Gaste, the French composer whose song was plagiarized into the English-language hit “Feelings,” died Jan. 8 of cancer in Paris. He was 88. He co-wrote “Pour Toi (For You)” with his wife…

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