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Grammy noms list 2


Best Female R&B Vocal Performance (For a solo vocal performance. Singles or Tracks only.) “All That I Can Say” Mary J. Blige. Track from: Mary. MCA Records “Almost Doesn’t Count” Brandy. Track from…

Grammy noms list 1


Here is the list of nominees for the 42nd Annual Grammy Awards. For recordings released during the eligibility year Oct. 1, 1998, through Sept. 30, 1999. More than five nominations in a category are…

Ted Zeigler


Character actor and comedy writer Ted Zeigler died Dec. 12 of complications from pneumonia at the Northridge Regional Medical Center. He was 73. Zeigler’s career began with the Chicago morning TV…

George Carl


George Carl, a comedian known for his slapstick routines and vaudeville performances, died Saturday in Las Vegas of complications from cancer. He was 83. A native of Ohio, Carl began his show…

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