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Sandy Prudden


Sandy Prudden, stage manager for the syndicated program “Donny & Marie,” died Dec. 11 in Burbank following a brief illness. He was 54. Prudden formerly worked with the Osmonds in 1974, when he served…

Ted Zeigler


Character actor and comedy writer Ted Zeigler died Dec. 12 of complications from pneumonia at the Northridge Regional Medical Center. He was 73. Zeigler’s career began with the Chicago morning TV…

Peter Jeffrey


Actor Peter Jeffrey, an admired performer in British television and radio, died of cancer Dec. 25 in London. He was 70. Jeffrey, one of the talented group of British character actors whose faces and…

Kenny Baker


Kenny Baker, a jazz musician who performed for sellout British audiences in the 1950s, died Dec. 7 in a hospital in Felpham in southern England. He was 78. Baker had been hospitalized for three weeks…

Robert Wagenhoffer


Two-time world professional figure skating champion Robert Wagenhoffer died Dec. 13 in Torrance of complications from AIDS. He was 39. Wagenhoffer followed his amateur and professional competitive…

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