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Harold Wertz


Harold Eugene Wertz Jr., who played the “little fat kid” in three of the “Our Gang” comedies during the early 1930s, died Nov. 21 in San Diego from complications of a stroke he suffered in October…

R.J. Vealey


Atlanta Rhythm Section drummer R.J. Vealey died of a heart attack Nov. 13 shortly after a performance by the southern rock group in central Florida. He was 37 and died on his daughter’s first…


Hazel McDowell


Hazel Hammond Dewey McDowell, a costumer and wardrobe mistress in the TV industry, died Dec. 1 in Huntington Beach of natural causes. A native of Ohio, McDowell worked on several TV series including…

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World briefs


SOUTH AFRICA Cricket board inks exclusive TV pact JOHANNESBURG — South African sports authority the United Cricket Board has concluded a 108 million rand ($17.5 million) deal with the South African…

John Larkin


John Larkin, a jazz pianist and songwriter who turned his lifelong stuttering problem into international acclaim as a scat singer, died Dec. 3 of lung cancer at his home in Los Angeles. He was 57. A…

Joseph Heller


Joseph Heller, novelist, TV writer, playwright and screenwriter whose darkly comic first novel (later a movie) “Catch-22″ defined the paradox of the modern no-win dilemma and added a phrase to the…

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