Variety Staff

Bill Keene


Bill Keene, a fixture on Los Angeles airwaves for nearly four decades as a weather and traffic broadcaster known for his comical reports and corny puns, died April 5 in a Tucson hospital. He was 73…

Donald Eugene Balluck


Donald Eugene Balluck, an episodic television scribe whose career spanned three decades, died April 7 from lung cancer and emphysema in Burbank. He was 70. Balluck wrote and served as executive story…

Ray Strakbein


Ray Strakbein, longtime commercial actor, died March 8 in Los Angeles following a short battle with bone cancer. He was 76. Strakbein, known for a long-running AT&T commercial showing him standing in…

Roger D. Kinkle


Roger D. Kinkle, a professional musician and record dealer who also authored an encyclopedic jazz reference book, died April 8 in Indiana of a degenerative brain disease. He was 84. Kinkle wrote “The…

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