Variety Staff

A revival meeting


The Broadway revivals of "Amadeus," "Kiss Me, Kate" and "The Music Man" led the nominations for the Outer Critics Circle awards, with eight noms each. The dance musical "Contact" followed with seven…

Larry Linville


Character actor Larry Linville, best known for his portrayal of the power-hungry and neurotic Maj. Frank Burns on the CBS television show “MASH,” died April 10 at New York’s Memorial Sloan-Kettering…

Bill Keene


Bill Keene, a fixture on Los Angeles airwaves for nearly four decades as a weather and traffic broadcaster known for his comical reports and corny puns, died April 5 in a Tucson hospital. He was 73…

Donald Eugene Balluck


Donald Eugene Balluck, an episodic television scribe whose career spanned three decades, died April 7 from lung cancer and emphysema in Burbank. He was 70. Balluck wrote and served as executive story…

Ray Strakbein


Ray Strakbein, longtime commercial actor, died March 8 in Los Angeles following a short battle with bone cancer. He was 76. Strakbein, known for a long-running AT&T commercial showing him standing in…

Roger D. Kinkle


Roger D. Kinkle, a professional musician and record dealer who also authored an encyclopedic jazz reference book, died April 8 in Indiana of a degenerative brain disease. He was 84. Kinkle wrote “The…

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