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Picture this


Unfortunately, the pen isn't mightier than the pinkslip. Santa Monica, Calif.-based FilmsOn lightened its load two weeks after its launch, letting go 10 of 38 staffers, primarily from its editorial…

Boxed in


The Box Office is closed. Maybe. Earlier this month, the turbulent urban portal laid off all of its 300 staffers and announced plans to file for bankruptcy protection. Days later it received a $1.8…

Company Line: Rotor


Name: Rotor; Hollywood, Calif. Web Address: Launch Date: May 19, 2000 Number of Employees: 115 Service: Offering proprietary technology for producing and distributing interactive online…

Game effort


Broadband Sports, the site that bills itself as "a media company of, by and for serious sports fans" recently told 50 employees, or 20% of its staff, to hit the showers.

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