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Friday’s Eastern Standard column implied that Michael Douglas and his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones intended to put the $1.4 million raised from photo rights to their wedding into a trust fund for his…


  • Film

Nordisk, Trondsen ink


Norwegian producer Rune Trondsen has been signed by Egmont Entertainment's Norwegian subsidiary, Nordisk Film & TV, to annually produce one or two features aimed at the Scandinavian market.

  • TV

Oz’s History web to 24/7


The History Channel in Oz is expanding to a full 24 hours from a six-hour block. The channel airs as part of Foxtel's Entertainment Plus Tier package, along with sister channels the A&E Network and…

A Look Ahead


Barry Diller speaks at CS First Boston media conference saying that USA Networks is in talks for a joint venture or sale of its TV station group and is looking for a deal by year's end ... Leaders of…

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