Variety Staff

Fred Kelly


Longtime dance instructor Fred Kelly, three-time Tony award winner and brother of legendary dancer-movie star Gene Kelly, died March 15 of cancer in Tucson, Ariz. He was 83. The youngest of five…

Joe Talbot


Joe Talbot, veteran country music executive and former leader of the Country Music Assn., died March 24 of lung cancer in Nashville. He was 72. Talbot started his music career playing steel guitar…

Milton H. Uhley


Dr. Milton H. Uhley, Beverly Hills physician and cardiologist well known to the showbiz community for nearly 50 years, died March 12 in Los Angeles of cancer. He was 87. Uhley’s patients from 1948…

Ola Butler


Ola Cecilia Butler, daughter of video photographer-engineer Sandy Butler and recent graduate of Vassar College, died March 19 in San Francisco following a lifelong battle with heart disease. She was…

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