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Review: ‘Naked’


Mira Sorvino doesn't bare much flesh in "Naked," but she reveals plenty nonetheless. Nicholas Wright's new version of Luigi Pirandello's 1922 play proved a West End hit for the Almeida Theater Co…

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Lot 47 Films is the distributor of "The Ballad of Ramblin' Jack." Information was incorrect in Wednesday's paper. Clarification Director Clare Kilner will supervise John McLaughlin's rewrite of "Spy…

World Briefs


GERMANY Richard Attenborough plans to film the life of 19th century Austrian empress Elisabeth, the Habsburg royal murdered by an anarchist in 1898. The vet British director told German news weekly…

  • TV

Review: ‘The Corner’


Despair and hopelessness form the intersection at which Charles Dutton studies a drug-addled world that's painfully real and overwhelming. "The Corner's" inhabitants, in parts one and two of this…

Review: ‘Rose’


This week brings back-to-back Broadway openings of plays that originated at London's Royal National Theater: "Copenhagen" on Tuesday and "Rose" on Wednesday. "Rose," however, is an atypical English…

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