Troy J. Augusto

Review: 'Skrillex'


Saturday night at the packed Palladium, the 24-year-old (real name: Sonny Moore) held court over his largest area headlining show to date, blasting a 90-minute continuous set of bass-heavy…

Review: 'Audioslave'


In the wake of the demise of Soundgarden and Rage Against the Machine, two of the most popular American rock bands of the '90s, the 2001 formation of Audioslave served not only to help fill the void…


Review: 'Mudvayne'


Peoria's thundering modern-metal outfit Mudvayne has left the garish face makeup behind, as well as criticism that the group is little more than a novelty act, or -- worse yet -- a Slipknot ripoff.

Review: 'Motley Crue'


Last year's announcement that the original lineup of Motley Crue would be hitting the road once more drew a somewhat skeptical reaction from touring industry pundits, who questioned whether the band…

Review: 'Slayer'


While themes of dying and violence are always an integral part of any Slayer concert, a genuine sense of tragedy hung in the air at this sold-out Universal show, as the heavy metal community…

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