Tom Jacobs

Review: ‘Girly Show’


Edmund Gaynes presents a show written and performed by Denise Moses; additional material, Chuck Bulot. Director, Monica Lambert Jones; music and arrangements, Quinn Olson. Opened, reviewed Nov. 19…

Review: ‘Slavs!’


A few years ago, a prominent scholar caused a stir by asking whether we have reached the end of history. As Tony Kushner suggests in his new play "Slavs!", the real question is whether we have…

Review: ‘Master Class’


A master class is a strange hybrid; a music lesson that's also a form of entertainment for an audience. Terrence McNally's new play, "Master Class," is equally odd. It's more a witty seminar on what…

Review: ‘Miss Saigon’


Melanie Mariko Tojio plays the role of Kim for Saturday matinees and Sunday evening performances. More than five years after its London premiere, "Miss Saigon" and its justly famous helicopter have…

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