Toby Zinman

Philly fest tests scribes


There's nothing like a festival of new plays to show how hard it is to write a really good one. But that's arguably the most notable outcome of the inaugural Philadelphia New Play Festival: Where…

Philadelphia story


The Philadelphia Theater Company is one of those little-engine-that-could stories. Poised to occupy its almost completed $22 million, 365-seat new home in October, PTC has made a remarkable recovery…

Review: ‘The BFG’


Grown-up human beans is not famous for their kindnesses. They is all squifflerotters and grinksludgers." And thus Roald Dahl's beloved children's book "The BFG" comes to very lively life in David…

Review: ‘Murderers’


Apparently Jeffrey Hatcher has assessed the theatrical situation and found it old. And, apparently, seeing which side his bread was buttered on, he decided to write for that sea of white hair and…

Review: ‘Windy City’


This new musical is about as old-fashioned as you can get. A frolic about the newspaper business whose fun is in the snappy patter, "The Front Page" has had many stage, movie and TV incarnations over…

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