Kirstin Wilder

Agony of victory

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A question for Sunday night's Emmy contenders: Are you sure you want to win? As you sit there in your uncomfortable formal wear, without having eaten for hours, bored at everyone's laundry list of…

Review: ‘SCTV’


Fans can breathe a sigh of relief. After brooding over the fact that life is unfair (Why are "The Anna Nicole Show" and "Gilligan's Island" available on DVD, but "SCTV" is not?), they can relax in…

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Oscar braces for Cuban missile


"Fahrenheit 9/11" was apparently shown last week on Cuban state-run TV. According to Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences rules, a feature is disqualified for a documentary Oscar if it airs on…

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Oscar’s halftime


As of Wednesday, the calendar year -- and the Academy Awards eligibility period -- will be at the halfway point, and the race is already noteworthy. Oscar has occasionally found major contenders in…

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