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Oscar tune impugned


Who ever thought that "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp" would be the least controversial song nominee this year? On Wednesday, only four days before the Oscarcast, rumors were swirling that the tune…


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    No Good Deed

    Daily Gross:$1.6M

    Cume to09.15.14: $25.9M

    No Good Deed

    Daily:$1.6M Cumulative:$25.9M Sony / Screen Gems -71.48%
  2. 2

    Guardians of the Galaxy

    Daily Gross:$578,865

    Cume to09.15.14: $306.6M

    Guardians of the Galaxy

    Daily:$578,865 Cumulative:$306.6M Disney -72.21%
  3. 3

    Dolphin Tale 2

    Daily Gross:$522,465

    Cume to09.15.14: $16.4M

    Dolphin Tale 2

    Daily:$522,465 Cumulative:$16.4M Warner Brothers -87.42%

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Acad denies 'Now' rumors


The wire services this week have been abuzz with stories that Israeli delegates have asked Oscar to stop calling "Paradise Now" a film from Palestine and re-label it as being from the Palestinian…

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Acad's new tune for song


And the award for most confusing new rules goes to ... the song category. The Academy holds a "bake-off" (though it doesn't like to call it that) in which 40 or so songs are shown in three-minute…

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Is Cinea a contender?

By and

By now, Oscar hopefuls know if they're in the race. But still to be determined is whether the screener system -- and Cinea specifically -- is a winner. Cinea's major victory occurred months ago, when…

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