Tim Gray

'Titanic' tally ties Oscar record


"Titanic" blew everybody else out of the water. Hollywood's biggest, costliest, most effects-laden pic ever -- and the film that's raked in the most bucks at the B.O. -- also entered the Oscar record…

Expect the unexpected at Oscars


Can a bunch of L.A. cops hijack the big boat? With its record-tying 14 noms, will "Titanic" cruise easily into a record number of Oscar wins? As Lauren Bacall and Juliette Binoche proved last year…


Ship shape Oscar: David vs. Goliath


When "Titanic" received a record-tying 14 Oscar nominations last month, it seemed like this year's contest was destined to be a one-boat race. But some skeptics in Hollywood think anything that big…

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Atlantis acquires Ironstar


Atlantis Communications Inc. announced Tuesday that it has reached an agreement to acquire Canadian television programming sales and distribution company Ironstar Communications Inc.

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