Ted Johnson

  • Biz

Any yen for Ovitz den?


At the time CAA moved into its current headquarters in Beverly Hills, Michael Ovitz told a reporter that the building "was built to be a piece of art itself." But could the structure be so unique or…

  • Film

Fear factor


As the old saying goes, when friends lose their job, it is a recession. When you lose your job, it is a Depression. Either way, the sense of gloom in Hollywood is higher than usual, fueled by a…

End games


Few series took greater advantage of big-name guest stars than "Will & Grace": Matt Damon, Michael Douglas and Cher, to name just a few, showed up. The network loved the ratings-pumping gimmick, but…

Hitch’s pitch


Cinephiles may lament the presence of such pics as "X Men: The Last Stand" and "The Da Vinci Code" at Cannes, even out of competition, but questions about artistic integrity are nothing new for the…

Art & alchemy


Baz Luhrmann still has vivid memories of the midnight screening of "Strictly Ballroom" at Cannes some 14 years ago. The theater was half full; in Australia, the general consensus was that it was too…

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