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When Fox decided what to call its venture into the cable business, the weblet reduced its already short name and dubbed the startup f/X. Many media outlets, including Daily Variety, ignored the logo…

Event-pic seminar set


With Hollywood high on action and disaster pics, several industry groups are sponsoring a seminar on March 18 about the challenges of making such event pics in a stunning, yet safe and sane manner…

Touchstone on ‘Trial’


Writer Tom Sierchio (“Untamed Heart”) will develop Touchstone Pictures’ “Love on Trial,” to be produced by Gary Foster and Mark Steven Johnson; Howard Deutch (“Grumpier Old Men”) is attached to…

Towne to get WGA Laurel


Robert Towne will receive the Writers Guild of America’s 1997 Screen Laurel Award, the guild’s highest honor for screenwriting and given to honor the writer’s body of work. The award will be…

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