Strawberry Saroyan

Harry Shearer


After volunteering at the Democratic National Convention in 1960, Harry Shearer was assigned the job of driver. "My assumption was, I would drive delegates to the sports arena where the convention…



Mickey Mouse is a potent symbol. "I've seen him crucified and naked, I've seen him with weapons. I've seen him smoking, drinking. I'm sure Disney wouldn't approve of that -- but I think it's almost a…

Leonard Maltin


Leonard Maltin remembers the first time he took his daughter, then 4, to Disneyland. "She saw Minnie Mouse, let go of my hand, went running toward her, grabbed her around the waist and gave Minnie a…

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Terry George


Terry George has a weakness for real people. "You're panning for diamonds rather than trying to snatch stardust from the sky," he says of hatching characters from true life instead of trying to…

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