Steven Suskin

Review: 'Tails'


Come -- sit -- stay" is the tagline on the artwork of "Tails," the new Off Broadway "five-dog musical." Maybe you can make audiences come, with enough advertising dollars; and tickets in hand, they…


Review: 'Hello, Dolly!'


In several interviews, Tovah Feldshuh has outlined her intellectualized take on Dolly Gallagher Levi, theorizing that the meddling matchmaker was a refugee from the Irish potato famine of the 1840s…

Review: 'Eartha Kitt'


Eartha Kitt sidles to her spot in front of the Steinway, staring down her audience and challenging them to "champagne me" and "caviar me." The star duly proceeds through the songs, the growls and…

Review: 'Dead City'


It sounds like a lost evening: a play called "Dead City" that's "Ulysses" with a female computer consultant taking the tour through present-day Manhattan -- from an unknown playwright. But Sheila…

Review: 'Betty Buckley'


With a long line of credits on Broadway, TV, film and cabaret, Betty Buckley makes her jazz club debut at New York's Blue Note. Buckley more than satisfies, but the set feels under-rehearsed and…

Review: 'The Race'


The Brits Off Broadway festival, at the 59E59 complex, is dedicated to importing innovative and provocative fare. "The Race" arrives emblazoned with U.K. critical quotes describing it as "insane,"…

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