Steven Oxman

Review: ‘Oxygen’


"Oxygen," a new play written by a couple of world-famous chemists, is not about science but about scientists. It's an essential distinction, one the playwrights hammer home effectively, focusing far…

"Invader Zim"
  • TV

Review: ‘Invader Zim’


In Nickelodeon's "Invader Zim," a self-deluded alien comes to Earth in order to find the planet's weaknesses and plan its destruction. Don't worry, he's not much of a threat, and after just the pilot…

"Boot Camp"
  • TV

Review: ‘Boot Camp’


There's a new reality show in town, and it's louder than the other ones. From the time the 16 recruits in Fox's "Boot Camp" get off the bus, four bulky drill instructors start the screaming, and the…

  • TV

Review: ‘The Oblongs’


The WB, which has as its mascot an animated frog, seeks its first primetime animated hit with "The Oblongs," a darkly comic view of a deformed but not dysfunctional family. Based on the Edward…

"War Games"
  • TV

Review: ‘War Games’


A military recruitment ad bizarrely masquerading as reality television, "War Games" packages clips of Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine training exercises into a contrived but easily digestible…

Review: ‘QED’


Nobel Prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman apparently pronounced the word "in-ter-est-ing" making sure all the syllables were distinct. And, as depicted by Alan Alda in Peter Parnell's play…

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