Steven Oxman

Review: 'In Real Life'


Will someone please write a serious play for Charlayne Woodard? This is a performer with bursting talents in need of an appropriate vehicle, who like so many other underutilized thesps has turned to…


Review: 'Six by Tenn'


In the Blue Sphere Alliance production of six Tennessee Williams shorts, director Anthony Barnao communicates Southern atmosphere and tortured souls by having his cast speak very, very slowly. So…

Review: 'Sound of Music'


"Sing-a-Long Sound of Music" began in London, and has become such a phenomenal hit that it's now wending its way around the world. The idea is simple enough: It's like "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"…

  • TV

Review: 'On the Edge'


Three short films, all debut directing efforts by well-known actresses, comprise this Showtime anthology with a sci-fi bent. Not surprisingly, the collection is uneven and the work a bit rough…

Mae Whitman, Alia Shawkat
  • TV

Review: 'State of Grace'


"State of Grace," a single-camera dramedy about two 12-year-old girls growing up in '60s North Carolina, targets the underserved female tweens demographic with hope of generating a tag-along parental…

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