Steven Oxman

Breckin Meyer
  • TV

Review: 'Inside Schwartz'


The ads for "Inside Schwartz" bill it as a "comedy with imagination," which seems a strange, almost defensive way for NBC to promote a sitcom, admitting as it does the thoroughly unimaginative state…


Saranne Curtin, Alan Vincent

Review: 'The Car Man'


Director-choreographer Matthew Bourne calls his company Adventures in Motion Pictures, and the pun is extremely revealing. Bourne creates ballets saturated with visual cultural reflections and driven…

Nancy Bell, Carole Shelley

Review: 'The Circle'


W. Somerset Maugham is best known for the novels, but he was also quite a playwright. His 1921 comedy of manners "The Circle" is produced less frequently as time goes on, but The South Coast Rep…

Review: 'Orson's Shadow'


If Austin Pendleton's strong and provocative "Orson's Shadow" gets produced in England, it'll be interesting to see how the Brits react to the depiction of Laurence Olivier, the knight in shining…

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