Steven Oxman

'Invisible Man'

Review: 'Invisible Man'


Complex and stylistically daring, Ralph Ellison's 1952 novel "Invisible Man" remains among the most respected American artistic achievements of the 20th Century, and this production at the Court…



Review: 'Snapshots'


With a collection of both famous and obscure songs by Stephen Schwartz ("Wicked," "Pippin") threaded through an older couple's retrospective of their own boy meets girl, boy gets girl (finally!), boy…

'For the Boys'

Review: 'For the Boys'


There are many lessons one could take from this noble but ultimately unavailing effort to adapt the 1991 USO-saluting film "For the Boys" to the stage, but it ultimately boils down to something very…

Review: 'Chinglish'


Perhaps no other play has so directly explored the comic confusions of our modern, Babel-like culture clashes as David Henry Hwang's splendidly savvy and entertaining new work "Chinglish," receiving…

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