Steven Mirkin

Review: 'Travis'


Fran Healy, lead singer for the Scottish band Travis, had a favorite stage move at the Wiltern on Friday night: He clambered onto the drum riser, stepped atop Neil Primrose's bass drum and leapt onto…


Review: 'Prince'


If energy and ambition were the only criteria used to judge concerts, Prince's run of shows Saturday at the L.A. Live entertainment complex would have been an unqualified success.


Tom Jones

Review: 'Tom Jones'


The idea of a 68-year-old man crooning Prince's "Kiss" while lifting his shirt and rubbing his stomach is not especially appealing. But that was the climax of Tom Jones' hugely entertaining Friday…

Review: 'Joan Baez'


The post-partisan politics advocated by President Obama might have trouble taking root in Washington, but Joan Baez (an Obama supporter who performed at the pre-inaugural concert) appears to have…

Review: 'Andrew Bird'


At the Orpheum Theater Wednesday night, Bird tried to turn his private and inward directed music into public performance. The result is a performance that was engaging and frustrating in equal…

Review: 'Glasvegas'


It's a scenario that should be familiar to anyone who has followed pop music for the past two decades: A band is hyped by the British music press, only to cross the Atlantic and disappoint. Call it…

Review: 'Elliott Murphy'


Toward the end of his hourlong set at the Hotel Café, Elliott Murphy introduced "A Touch of Kindness " as an example of what he's been up to in the 10 years or so since he's last been to L.A., and a…

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