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Television ghettoizes actors. Studio movie leads represent the pinnacle of fame and fortune. The New York theater is a vehicle for respectability but largely discriminates against Hollywood…


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    The Maze Runner

    Daily Gross:$7.8M

    Cume to09.21.14: $32.5M

    The Maze Runner

    Daily:$7.8M Cumulative:$32.5M Fox -42.23%
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    A Walk Among the Tombstones

    Daily Gross:$2.9M

    Cume to09.21.14: $12.8M

    A Walk Among the Tombstones

    Daily:$2.9M Cumulative:$12.8M Universal Pictures -42.27%
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    This Is Where I Leave You

    Daily Gross:$2.7M

    Cume to09.21.14: $11.6M

    This Is Where I Leave You

    Daily:$2.7M Cumulative:$11.6M Warner Brothers -44.36%

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Holy grail


You'd think that after 70 years of microscopic attention paid by the industry, media and public, interest in the Academy Awards would have finally waned, that we could all breathe a collective sigh…

Ga-ga over Conga


Take the A-list of Hollywood's Latino movers and shakers, throw in some sizzling salsa and you have a recipe for high-charged revelry, given added zest by some of L.A.'s most attractive night owls…

Indie waltz


Like a bona fide movie star, the Sundance Film Festival raises the ante with each outing and is bound to divide the critics. To many players and journalists, its spirit of discovery is alive and…

Reversal of fortune


"L.A. Confidential's" long road to the Academy Awards began at Cannes in May 1997, almost ten months before one of the most critically acclaimed films in more than two decades was sunk by the heft…

On location


The idea is so intrinsically Hollywood, it's a wonder it took so long to materialize. Take some of the world's most venerated cinematographers -- whose images are indelibly etched in the minds of…

Under the 'Gun'


What if you threw a party and everybody came, plus three? RayGun Media found out Saturday night when 2,000 RSVPs translated into critical mass and then some at its relaunch party of Bikini Magazine…

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