Stephen Unger

An investor born hungry


Harry Evans Sloan is a consummate entrepreneur; a self-made man who's the executive chairman of the board of SBS Broadcasting, a publicly traded European media conglomerate. During his career, Sloan…

Dream no slam-dunk


Working the Town: Managing a major entertainment enterprise isn't easy. Consider the media microscope as well as intense fandom, heavy competition, politics and egos, physical and emotional stress…

Failure has its pluses


Watching those valiant teams, the New England Patriots and my beloved Philadelphia Eagles, battle it out on Super Bowl Sunday from the stands of Alltel Stadium in Jacksonville, Fla., I was reminded…

Biz game for crossover


Working the Town: Variety's conversation with Casey Wasserman, chairman-CEO of Wasserman Media Group, concludes with a conversation about his complementary sports and entertainment management…

Wasserman family values


Casey Wasserman, 30, has already made a name for himself in sports business, civic and philanthropy circles. His Wasserman Media Group spans five firms working in production, management, music and…

Scenes from a merger


Working the Town: The transient career of the modern worker has been well-chronicled. Employees leave their companies at a rate unimagined by previous generations. But what happens when a company…

New year, new job hunt


Working the Town: Now that the holidays are over, those inclined to consider a job change or to secure a job if they are out of work are ready to spring into action. Headhunters can be helpful in…

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The new jet set


The entertainment industry knows few geographic boundaries, and neither should its workers. In addition to the financial benefits of working outside the U.S., the cultural perks are, by nature, often…

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