Sheri Linden


Lindsay Crouse, Ian Barford, John Mahoney

Review: 'The Weir'


Though it could hardly be called minimalist, "The Weir" has a straightforward, muscular eloquence that strips down drama to its most basic formulation: storytelling around the hearth. Conor…

Asi Dayan
  • Film

Review: 'Time of Favor'


Melding psychological drama, love triangle and suspense action to mostly winning effect, "Time of Favor" is a thought-provoking exploration of the blurred line where religious devotion, political…

  • Film

Review: 'Hoover'


Attempting to counter the prevailing image of J. Edgar Hoover as a repressed, hypocritical bully, this oddity of a film succeeds only in portraying him as a humorless, well-meaning bully (unless you…

The Sculptress
  • Film

Review: 'The Sculptress'


Attempting to etch an atmospheric tale of possession in the big city, writer-helmer Ian Merrick makes the usual would-be-thriller missteps in "The Sculptress." Overlong San Francisco-set indie, while…

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