Sharon Knolle

Fashion passion


A long with the joys of receiving accolades comes the downside of the awards season for actors and other artists: endless red carpet interviews, enormous pressure to dress up and harsh criticism if…

Andrew Panay


Panay, who came up with the idea for the summer smash "The Wedding Crashers," is refreshingly honest about his taste for mainstream entertainment. "Growing up, I loved going to the big summer…

Ram Bergman


"Being a foreigner, I figured I wouldn't be able to get a job in development or as an assistant," Bergman says of when he moved from his native Israel to Los Angeles in 1991. "I had no choice, being…

  • Film

Drawing the line


It's the future as seen from 1964, something more futuristic than what we have now," says Brad Bird of the retro-modern look that inspired his film "The Incredibles."

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