Robert Koehler

Pros play favorites


What are the best movies of all time -- to listen to? Conditioned by years of techno-blockbusters presented via digital sound systems, nonpro auds tend to respond to the loudest movies. Sound…

Dream teams


The dirty, little, poorly kept secret in Hollywood -- that an actress's value quickly declines after she passes age 40 -- is only highlighted this year by a number of films in which older (read: past…



Logic might hold that for movie actors - come the Christmastime doling-out of critics awards and the rise in Oscar buzz to deafening levels - the more performances, the merrier. But logic may also be…

Studios tuned out


For the millions of commuters who sit in rush-hour traffic on L.A.'s terminally congested freeways, the radio becomes a refuge like no other urban center on the globe.

Strangers in a strange land


The Oscar race for best foreign language film is one of the fastest paths to Hollywood opportunity for overseas moviemakers. A nomination gets the attention of the major players and a win buys a…

A delicate balance


As all lovers and friends know, chemistry is something like witchcraft: It comes from somewhere, but why does it work -- or, when lovers break up, why does it fail?

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