Robert Hofler

Arthur Miller


Miller, the last of the theatrical giants who sprung from the '40s, had the ultimate revenge on critics and audiences when his first Broadway play, "The Man Who Had All the Luck," was revived to much…

George Abbott


Abbott, who died in 1995 at age 107, enjoyed a life in the theater that nearly paralleled Variety's 100 years. He earned the monicker Mister Abbott for his absolute professionalism, whether it be…

Hal Prince


One of the few boy wonders to deliver big time on his early promise, Prince is arguably the most successful director-producer in Broadway history. As a producer, he was immediately top-drawer with…

Noel Coward


Legit Icons of the Century: Broadway has been mad about the boy for 80 years. In Gotham, Coward epitomized the British upper crust, ever since his 1925 debut there in his own play "The Vortex." "Hay…

Leonard Bernstein


Broadway hadn't heard anything this good and this American since George Gershwin, and Bernstein's larger-than-life persona made the composer/conductor a media darling who introduced classical music…

Bob Fosse


Fosse brought a lean, highly contained sense of the street to Broadway choreography. After performing in several tuners in the early 1950s, he choreographed three hits in as many years: "The Pajama…

John Osborne


Legit Icons of the Century: In 1956, the movies released "Rebel Without a Cause." That same year, the theater responded with Osborne's "Look Back in Anger," a play that ushered in the new era of the…

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