Robert Hofler

Review: ‘Starfire’


The word "mundane" is unfortunately apt in describing the kitchen-sink goings-on in playwright Sam Ingraffia's new two-act drama "Starfire." Even an able cast, headed by the extraordinarily fine…

Review: ‘Hughie’


Eugene O'Neill might be surprised to learn he wrote so funny a work as "Hughie." His one-act two-character drama about a dissolute gambler and the hotel night clerk who half-listens to his ramblings…

Review: ‘Cinderella’


George Balanchine put it best: "There are no mothers-in-law in ballet." Matthew Bourne rejects that edict regarding complicated relationships in dance with a vengeance in his new "Cinderella," and he…

Review: ‘Dirt’


Anyone concerned about the future of gay cult icons need not worry that Judy Garland and Madonna represent the end of the line. Monica Lewinsky is the inspiration for John Fleck's "Dirt," a…

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