Robert Farago

The fast Mercedes


When my 3-year-old daughter Lola learned that Mercedes had arrived to take back "the fast car" they'd lent me, she threw herself on the floor and cried. Only decorum prevented me from following her…

Maserati redux


In 1991, when the Maserati name threatened to become a synonym for words like "unreliable," "rust" and "depreciation," the Italian automaker spiked its dealer network and withdrew from the American…

Built for speed


BMW's M5 was the perfect decoy. Aside from a few discreet styling cues, you'd never know that the family four-door could pace Ferraris and Porsches. The previous-generation M5 holstered a 400…

Fly like an Eagle


Classic cars suck. They handle like bass boats and constantly break down. They're hot as hell and smell like 40-year-old socks dipped in kerosene. And when you crash, they kill you dead. Eagle…