Ramin Zahed

Hot cels at Mipcom Jr.


DISNEY’S FILLMORE! Format: 26 30-minute episodes Distrib: Walt Disney TV Intl. Content: Created by former Bongo Comics and “Pepper Ann” scribe Scott Gimple, series is a hip toon about a…

  • TV

Kids fare ready for play


Big players like Saban may no longer be on the children's TV landscape, but many of the familiar U.S. and Canuck players will be peddling their wares at Mip TV, and there's no shortage of shows…

  • Film

Maggie Smith


OSCAR QUOTIENT PROS: The Acad loves a British Dame. CONS: Watch out for “Gosford Park’s” other secret weapon, Helen Mirren. Also, A-list ensemble cast may divide votes. Brit actress Maggie Smith has…

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