Rachel Wimberly

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All hands-on set


Film and video producer Oualid Mouaness took a leap of faith when he hired fellow Florida State U. film grad Marc Carlini straight out of school after seeing one of his projects.

Where’s the edge?


When Ultimate Fighting Championship matches started in 1993, the sport was a bloody, brutal, no-holds-barred spectacle fast on its way to extinction -- certainly not the kind of tourist-friendly…

Richard Sturm


Major touring acts such as U2 and the Rolling Stones didn't count Las Vegas as a regular stop before Richard A. Sturm, president and chief operating officer of MGM Mirage Entertainment and Sports…

J.P. Williams


You don't have to be a redneck to know the name J.P. Williams. A former comedy agent at Spotlite Enterprises in the '80s, Williams was in on the early days of the careers of clients Jamie Foxx, Jerry…

  • TV

‘Into the West’


When Bill Mastrosimone was first asked to come up with his take on the TNT/DreamWorks mini "Into the West," it just wasn't clicking for him. "I couldn't get a good picture," he says. "I was ready to…

  • Film

Seeing eye-to-eye


Trust can be hard to come by in Hollywood. That's why, when directors luck into below-the-line talent they can depend on, it's not unusual to find partnerships that last a career. Working with the…

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