Rachel Dowd

Santa Monica sightings


Downtime from the American Film Market should have nothing to do with PPV movies and room service. Yes, the ocean's pretty, but you have to turn away from the sunset to find the best that Santa…

Voting on the best vodka


Premium vodka has the makings of the world's greatest marketing scam. Not only does every brand seem to be someone's "best of," but it's also supposed to be water with a buzz. The Bureau of Alcohol…

The well-dressed warrior


To be Waraire Boswell is to be misunderstood. Boswell often hears himself described as a bespoke tailor, the 17th-century title for someone who makes clothes from scratch. It's a compliment, but it's…

Music for the masses


In 2003, Josh Schwartz couldn't find a band willing to play live on "The OC." Too teeny-bopper, too tacky. Today Schwartz has become a modern-day Medici for artists like Modest Mouse, Death Cab for…

Good PR for bad hair


Summer is almost over, which is why salons across town are doing a brisk business in treatments designed to turn fried locks into shampoo-ad silk. All of them work, according to V Life Weekend's test…

Haute home


Dock Downtown buyer Katherine Kelly goes to the same companies that supply Anthropologie, Shelter and Restoration Hardware. However, unlike its competition, Dock carts the goods to a ragged downtown…

Finding Frette


Frette on Rodeo Drive makes us want to jump into a bed of pure Egyptian cotton and call room service. The luxurious atmosphere can't be beat, but the pricetags certainly can. Online discount shopping…

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