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BMW's new Real Time Traffic Information navigation system is a problem-solving Sig Alert. Where other auto manufacturers' navigation systems rely on preprogrammed disks with GPS updates, RTTI…



Behold the power of a pretty plate. It can render a hot dog nouvelle cuisine and hold its own at a dinner for eight. Designed for beauty and utility, these plates make the meal.

Good Eats


Because man cannot live on filet mignon alone, Variety Weekend asked three of L.A.'s most prominent chefs for their favorite spots to grab a bite for under $25.

Shot of love


Love often inspires great charity. For Anne Hathaway, that meant catching a flight to Nicaragua to help vaccinate 1,000 children against hepatitis A last month.



"Office Space" now has material for a sequel. Nearly 40 years after unveiling the original cubicle -- a Robert Propst design called "Action Office" -- $1.5 billion design giant Herman Miller has…

The all-natural dip


Switching to a chemical-free swimming pool was a no-brainer for David Hertz. "My pool man shows up with his clothes eaten away by chemicals, telling me that another one of his pool friends has…

Sushi and s’mores


Camp can bring out the best in you -- or it can leave you speechless. "Dead men can't talk," says a 12-year-old boy behind a Darth Vader-like mask. As a half dozen fellow secret agents continue to…

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