Peter Bart

Waiting for the revolution


We seem to have hit a brief lull in the storm of megamergers, so this may be an appropriate moment to assess what has happened. Not surprisingly, there’s been considerable pontification about the…

The man who hated success


David Begelman’s suicide last week resonated through the showbiz community – a fact that puzzled some of the younger players in Tinseltown. At least 15 years had passed since Begelman’s heyday; why…

Getting with the program


MEMO TO: Michael Jordan FROM: Peter Bart Welcome to showbiz, Michael. I figure you could use a welcome mat after the events of last week. Michael Eisner acquires CapCities and he’s proclaimed a…

Rules of the mega-game


The saga of MCA’s Waterworld brings to mind some of the traps of big-budget moviemaking. Now that “Waterworld” has finally washed ashore, there is much conjecture about the future of the $100 million…

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