Peter Bart

Advice you can bank on


MEMO TO: Guy-Etienne Dufour, Credit Lyonnais FROM: Peter Bart “Terminez…?” Whenever I dine in Paris, that’s the word I most frequently hear from those ever-disdainful French waiters as they hover at…

Dream sequence


In its first year, DreamWorks has remained relatively quiet on the film side, but now it’s revving up for success. It was over 10 years ago when I first visited Steven Spielberg at his adobe-style…

The ‘Dateline’ debacle


MEMO TO: Don Ohlmeyer FROM: Peter Bart NBC’s schedule has been acquiring some real panache on your watch, Don, what with “Friends,” “ER” and the like. As a tough-minded guy who believes in getting…

Objections sustained


And now the inevitable: The cast of the O.J. follies wants an afterlife. Marcia Clark signs with the William Morris office, Johnnie Cochran is talking with several agencies, and F. Lee Bailey’s ego…

Talk is cheap


At the risk of sounding like William Safire, I find myself increasingly dismayed by the trashing of certain basic words in our vocabulary. The word “talk,” for example, once described two or more…

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