Peter Bart

Objections sustained


And now the inevitable: The cast of the O.J. follies wants an afterlife. Marcia Clark signs with the William Morris office, Johnnie Cochran is talking with several agencies, and F. Lee Bailey’s ego…

Talk is cheap


At the risk of sounding like William Safire, I find myself increasingly dismayed by the trashing of certain basic words in our vocabulary. The word “talk,” for example, once described two or more…

Ted turns over a new leaf


The happiest man in New York week seemed to be Ted Turner, waving to strangers on the street, swinging jauntily through dinners and social functions with his beaming wife, Jane Fonda, at his side…

Love for sale


Mark Gill, the debonair marketing chief of Miramax, is one of those innovative people who from time to time says the right thing at the wrong time. Witness the fact that Gill chose last week to…

Mastering Megaspeak


The Hollywood creative community is transfixed by the new wave of megamergers. At the typical social gathering, conversation may occasionally veer to O.J. Simpson, but then the Topic of the Day takes…

The Fuhrman flap


MEMO TO: Laura Hart McKinny FROM: Peter Bart SUBJECT: Career Prospects Since you’ve been much in the news this week, Laura, I decided to read your screenplay – the one that transformed Mark Fuhrman…

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