Peter Bart

Standing Room Only


This is the time of year when the various critics circles announce their arcane best picture candidates, a ritual that usually causes us to wring our hands or ask around to see if any living person…

Schulhof in orbit


The ousted Sony U.S. chief waxes philosophical on how the laws of physics can also be applied to showbiz. In light of his abrupt dismissal by Sony this week, I thought it would be timely to phone…

Why Did TW Give Fuchs The Boot?


Almost a month has gone by since the headline-grabbing dismissal of Michael Fuchs by his longtime ally, Gerald Levin, and most people in the entertainment industry are still asking one rather basic…

Trapped By Tradition


A few radical ideas could liven up the Oscar ritual. MEMO TO: Arthur Hiller FROM: Peter Bart Everyone’s eyes instantly glaze over at the mention of Oscar rules, so let me get straight to the point…

Action In Traction


MEMOTO: Jeff Berg and Jim Wiatt, ICM FROM: Peter Bart With the wars between the talent agencies picking up in intensity, you’ve convincingly demonstrated that you’re combat-ready. Indeed, as the…

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