Peter Bart

Trapped By Tradition


A few radical ideas could liven up the Oscar ritual. MEMO TO: Arthur Hiller FROM: Peter Bart Everyone’s eyes instantly glaze over at the mention of Oscar rules, so let me get straight to the point…

Action In Traction


MEMOTO: Jeff Berg and Jim Wiatt, ICM FROM: Peter Bart With the wars between the talent agencies picking up in intensity, you’ve convincingly demonstrated that you’re combat-ready. Indeed, as the…

Advice you can bank on


MEMO TO: Guy-Etienne Dufour, Credit Lyonnais FROM: Peter Bart “Terminez…?” Whenever I dine in Paris, that’s the word I most frequently hear from those ever-disdainful French waiters as they hover at…

Dream sequence


In its first year, DreamWorks has remained relatively quiet on the film side, but now it’s revving up for success. It was over 10 years ago when I first visited Steven Spielberg at his adobe-style…

The ‘Dateline’ debacle


MEMO TO: Don Ohlmeyer FROM: Peter Bart NBC’s schedule has been acquiring some real panache on your watch, Don, what with “Friends,” “ER” and the like. As a tough-minded guy who believes in getting…

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