Peter Bart

Newtering The Arts


While it may be in vogue to dwell on the similarities between politics and showbiz, the reality is that Washington and Hollywood, circa 1995, pose sharp contrasts in style. In Hollywood, for example…

The Best Laid Dreams


If a serious economist ever tried to analyze the arcane ways of Hollywood, a nervous breakdown might quickly overtake him. Examine the inverse relationship between profitability and capital…

CAA’s Sounds Of Silence


At first glance, it doesn’t strike you as a world-class collectors’ item: On one side of the silver coin is the number 20; on the other side, the outlines of the Creative Artists Agency headquarters…

Small Pix No Quick Fix


A couple of years ago I found myself at the airport in Venice chatting with a very smart, and utterly depressed, young filmmaker named Steven Zaillian. Zaillian had just directed his first feature…

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