Peter Bart

Building Bridges


What makes Arnon run? That question is being asked by a growing number of major players in the entertainment business around the world as they observe the ever-expanding arc of Arnon Milchan’s…

Of Laurels And Lepers


It was impossible to sit through last week’s AFI Steven Spielberg tribute – yes, yet another award to Spielberg – without sensing the perversity of the whole awards ritual. Here were a thousand or so…


The Roth Regimen


Six months ago a curious thing happened to Joe Roth. He received two invitations essentially to the same party. The question: Would he consider taking over the production reins at the Disney studio…

Squirmy Over Sex


The easiest way to get a standing ovation these days is to denounce violence in movies and TV (even President Clinton can get applause this way), but try shifting the subject to sex and audiences get…

  • Film

H’wood’s Slow Shooters


When Martin Scorsese wrapped “Casino” in Vegas last week, he also inadvertently enrolled himself in a new “club” that’s attracting attention in Hollywood. It’s unofficially known as the Hundred Day…

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