Peter Bart

Trial by tube


Eight weeks and 35 witnesses into the O.J. Show, it’s become clear that the Trial of the Century isn’t panning out, either as showbiz or as a supposed “service to society.” Sure, there are millions…


Suiting Up


Whenever there’s a coup d’etat, whether political or corporate, a profusion of theories are brought forth to explain what really happened and why, and that has certainly been the case at Disney…

Building Bridges


What makes Arnon run? That question is being asked by a growing number of major players in the entertainment business around the world as they observe the ever-expanding arc of Arnon Milchan’s…

Of Laurels And Lepers


It was impossible to sit through last week’s AFI Steven Spielberg tribute – yes, yet another award to Spielberg – without sensing the perversity of the whole awards ritual. Here were a thousand or so…

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