Peter Bart

Heir unapparent


MEMO TO: CORPORATE CEOs FROM: PETER BART Now that all of you are rested from your Memorial Day retreats, I would urge you to perform a simple exercise. Look around you. Check the next office. Then…

Dark days of the blacklist


I’m not sure anyone wants to be reminded, but it was just 50 years ago that the era of the blacklist, one of Hollywood’s darkest episodes, had its beginnings. It all got under way rather quietly. A…

The secret agent


MEMO TO: Joe Eszterhas FROM: Peter Bart SUBJECT: Career aims If my addition is correct, you stand to earn somewhere between $6 million to $10 million as a writer this year, and those are pretty good…

The whole town’s talking


I’d been standing outside the Peninsula Hotel for several minutes the other day, trying to figure out why the line of post-lunch customers waiting for cars seemed longer than usual, when I noticed…

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