Pete Metzger

Review: 'Mary Poppins'


The 45th anniversary of "Mary Poppins" returns as a two-disc DVD edition and remains the exact same collection as the 40th anniversary package Disney put together four years earlier, save for one new…

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'The Dark Knight'


Now that's how you extradite someone. In "The Dark Knight," Batman (Christian Bale) must nab mob accountant Lau (Chin Han) from his maximum-security Hong Kong high-rise in order to remove hundreds of…


Anne Hathaway, Jim Gianopulos and Emily

Review: 'God of War 2'


A sequel to one of the most succesful vidgames of the last few years, "God of War 2" offers more of the same, for better and for worse. Vast, sweeping action ensures that it will go down as the last…

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