Pete Hammond

Review: ‘All About Oscar’


"All About Oscar," Emanuel Levy's latest overhaul of his 1987 tome, "And The Winner Is," and its 2001 reworking, "Oscar Fever," remains a largely comprehensive sociological study of just about every…

Lane stays in spotlight


"Tonight catch Oscar nominee Martin Scorsese with Jay," NBC's Monday promo exclaimed. "And later this week don't miss Oscar nominees Catherine Zeta-Jones and Salma Hayek and coming up on Conan…

SAG ensembles spread wealth


It was once famously said that the only competitive acting award that would mean anything is to put five actors in a room, let them all play Hamlet and choose the best one. The Screen Actors Guild…

Eerie parallels to ’72 race


They are the two most nominated movies of the year. In one corner is the period gangland story set in and around the streets of New York City. Its director is an Italian-American who started his…

Honors lite


Charlie Chaplin came on stage with his trademark hat and cane to get his in 1972. Cary Grant charmed the audience when he got his in 1970. Director Stanley Donen did a song and dance acceptance when…

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Buyers nab foreign finds


Cannes, Toronto, the American Film Market...and now the Academy Foreign Language Screening Committee? Distribution execs are discovering that an Academy membership card can also make good business…

Reel lives


"We thought about putting a notice at the beginning of the film: 'Based on a true story, except for the stuff we made up with Frank's permission.' At least it would shut everybody up."

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