Paul Young

Review: ‘Spectacle’


In this age of narrowcasting, architect David Rockwell argues that spectacle draws its power from being ephemeral, exuberant and epic in scope. That means he deliberately downplays the motion picture…

Review: ‘Absolute Wilson’


Given the grand scale of the avant-garde plays by Robert Wilson, it's no wonder biographer Katharina Otto-Bernstein chose a large format for her survey of the artist. But Otto-Bernstein's prose style…

Video stars


Supporters say video artwork challenges sculpture and painting; detractors yawn, describing "video art" as a synonym for self indulgence. Which side do you fall on? Two current shows can help you…

Toy stories


When classic TV shows are compared to famous artists, does that make Gene Roddenberry Rene Magritte? On Oct. 5, Christie's New York will unleash "40 Years of Star Trek: The Collection." With 1,000…



Back in the day, moguls meant murals. Jack Warner's home showcased Chinese landscapes, Cary Grant's had a tropical scene and the ceiling in Norma Talmadge's residence was a virtual Sistine Chapel.

Sweeping beauty


Secret weapons come in all shapes and sizes, but rarely in the form of an unassuming, 25-year-old ballerina from Toronto. Yet when the National Ballet of Canada rolls out its 2006 season in its…

Copycat artist


In the arsenal of things an artist can do with paint and glue, Eric Doeringer does the unthinkable: He's perfected the art of counterfeiting. For the past five years, the New York-based Doeringer has…

The re-Masters


What's good for the "Da Vinci Code," may be even better for Kehinde Wiley. The 29-year-old African-American artist has tapped revisionist history to become the darling of the painting world.

Junk-drunk love


A thrift store changed Charles Phoenix's life. "Thrift stores opened me up to the treasures and the underbelly of our mass-consumption culture," says Phoenix, whose collection of vintage slides would…

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