Paul Karon

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Genre transfusion


The saying is usually an admonition: Those who don't study the past are doomed to repeat it. But in film, that can be a good thing; the last year in cinema has seen several notable films that mix the…

Kudos go for Clark spark


To most of the television-viewing public, Dick Clark is the perennially youthful emcee of his 30-year-old annual "New Years Rockin' Eve" special, or perhaps the first among equals on his four-man…

Woody? Hanks would


You've gotta figure Tom Hanks is a busy guy. Movie star extraordinaire, preeminent actor of our time, apex of the A-list, television miniseries producer -- there's just no way Hanks wakes up and…

Blurry roles for toons kudo


When Porky the Pig talks, it's animation. But when Babe the pig talked, it's a special effect -- right? It should be a simple to distinguish the two. In one case, the producers used techniques other…

Potential giant killers lurk


Let's climb way out on a limb and assume that "Monsters Inc." and "Shrek" get two of the three nominations for the Academy's animated feature Oscar. That leaves seven pictures in the running for the…

A big job with low profile


Reporters will tell you there's something very wrong in the universe when they must resort to cajolery and other arts of persuasion to convince PR people to open up, but that's what happened on this…

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