Paul Harris

'Uncle Vanya'

Review: 'Uncle Vanya'


A revival of "Uncle Vanya" set in 1950s-era Russia and performed in Australian "shrimp-on-the-baahbie" twang? Yes, it works -- does it ever -- in this sublime revival of the Chekhov classic by the…

'A Time to Kill'

Review: 'A Time to Kill'


The wheels of justice operate at breakneck speed in "A Time to Kill," a new stage adaptation of John Grisham's 1989 novel that examines whether it's ever permissible to take the law into one's hands.


D.C. theater gets fest-ive


If there's any doubt that Washington, D.C. has evolved into a serious theater town, two projects with divergent aims should put that to rest: The Arena Stage is presenting a festival devoted to the…

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