Paul Harris

Review: ‘The Dybbuk’


Tiny Synetic Theater has seen steady growth of auds and accolades for its movement-based adaptations of theatrical works by the remarkably inventive duo of Paata and Irina Tsikurishvili. In this…

Review: ‘Trying’


Actor James Whitmore, once described as a living wax museum, adds Judge Francis Biddle to his resume of precise impersonations in Joanna McClelland Glass' charming two-hander "Trying." With its…

Review: ‘Autobahn’


In "Autobahn," Neil LaBute has written a provocative series of playlets featuring characters seated in cars that each conclude with a squirm-inducing twist. Although the device becomes somewhat…

Review: ‘Nevermore’


Now we know how Edgar Allan Poe came to write all those creepy poems and tales from the crypt: His perspective was, shall we say, a bit off-kilter, and he was continually haunted by the women in his…

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