Paul Harris

Review: 'Coriolanus'


William Shakespeare's paean to monumentally inept public relations, "Coriolanus," makes a stirring visit to the nation's capital with this stylish offering from the Royal Shakespeare Company. The…

Mark Pedowitz

Review: 'Saving Aimee'


A small miracle from beyond the grave of a long-dead faith healer, Kathie Lee Gifford's new tuner about evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson, "Saving Aimee," is an engaging little musical with a…



Review: 'Meet John Doe'


Frank Capra's 1941 film "Meet John Doe" endures as a homespun American fantasy. Andrew Gerle and Eddie Sugarman were inspired by the everyman saga's timeless appeal, the result of which is an earnest…

Review: 'Carnival!'


So where has this little gem been hiding? Following the original David Merrick/Gower Champion production's 719-perf run on Broadway in the early '60s, "Carnival!" largely disappeared into the…

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