Paul Cullum

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California split


Justice Potter Stewart's famous 1964 definition of obscenity -- "I know it when I see it" -- applies equally well to the nebulous off-Hollywood category of independent film. Or at least it did until…

Heath Ledger


It's the afternoon of the first critics' screening of his new movie, "Brokeback Mountain," the notorious "gay cowboy" movie that passed through directors Gus Van Sant and Joel Schumacher, among…

When the dogs bite


In an industry where revenge is a dish best served atop the entrails of your enemies, it's not surprising that aggression disorders are a dog therapist's bread and butter.

Bagel Brouhaha


Order a pint of Guinness and you're told it doesn't travel well. In Galway they'll point you to Dublin, where you'll be sent to the Guinness Brewery on the River Liffey. At some point, you wind up…

Your Car, His Gig


In a city where the car is king, in an industry where status symbols are the easiest way to keep score, the high-end auto broker has become one of the quasi-mystical figures of Los Angeles. Like yoga…

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